Emerging Markets India and Indonesia Gain Favour as Demographics Drive Investment Strategies

India and Indonesia are two of the world's fastest-growing countries, with working-age populations that "far outweigh some of the region's largest economies," according to Ian Samson, a portfolio...more

Terna Forward Bets 50M on Energy and Digital Transition

Italy's national electricity grid is looking to the futureand it's using drones to help it do so. The country's national electricity grid, Terna, plans to invest $50 million in Italian startups...more

Cmsa Annual Business Summit Set to Revolutionise Capital Market

If you're an investor in Nigeria's stock market, you're in for a big surprise at a conference next month. The director general of the country's security and exchange commission, Emomotimi Agama,...more

'The Peace Corps Is a Low-Cost, High-Impact Investment'

The Peace Corps has been operating in Nepal since its founding 62 years ago, but the country's civil war in the mid-'80s forced the agency to lay off most of its workers, the New York Times...more

Opinion: Utah'S Teens Are Struggling. One School Program Is Saving Lives.

A new program in Utah aims to help at-risk teens get through what the Salt Lake Tribune calls a "horrifying thought": "chain-smoking." The Deseret News reports on the Teen Center, a network of...more

International Investors in Berlin for Ukraine'S Recovery. The Programme of the Event before ...

Ukraine's economy has been in freefall since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the country is now looking to Germany for help. The country is holding its first-ever Ukraine Recovery Conference in...more

Mums Go Back to School to Rediscover Passions

"When my cup is filled as a creative, the best of my motherhood tends to come out," says Australian artist Alessandra Doyle. "And so, my kids and my husband get the best of me as a wife and a...more

Queens Art Fund Distributes Almost Half a Million to Local Artists

"By punching and making together, we channel our rage to create, not destroy, celebrating a radical non-violence." That's what CAO Collective, a queer feminist art and organizing group, is hoping...more

West Michigan Schools Receive Grant for Healthier Food Options.

"It will make sure the foods we make reflect the communities that we live in, and being able to make sure our foods are culturally relevant and filling those spaces that normally aren't...more

Mackinac Island Community Foundation Announces Spring Grant Awards
Foundation: Mackinac Island Community Foundation

The Mackinac Island Community Foundation has awarded more than $140,000 in grants to support programs and projects in the Michigan island community, the Detroit Free Press reports. According to a...more

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