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HHS Provides $2.8 Million to Help Veterans Advance in Nursing Careers
The US Department of Health and Human Services awards $2.8 million grants to help more than 1,000 veterans become nurses. The grants will enable more than a thousand veterans get baccalaureate...more

CLASP reports that the number of children, from infancy to five years of age, living in poverty in the United States has been increasing. Nearly 6 million young children are living in poor...more

 Lewisboro Volunteer Fair Starts on March 2
The Lewisboro celebrates its annual volunteer fair on March 2. The event includes local organizations setting up tables in the Lewisboro library. These organizations usually provide heaps of...more

Alcohol Justice to Release Report on State of Public Transit Alcohol Advertising
Alcohol Justice, a youth, adults, and community organizations that comprise the Coalition to Ban Alcohol Ads on Public Property in Los Angeles, is releasing a report on the state of alcohol...more

UN Women Will Launch Civil Society Advisory Group
The United Nations (UN) Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) will introduce the Nigeria Chapter of its Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) in November. CSAG is UN's...more

Early Implementation Findings Of Teacher Incentive Fund Grantees
Mathematica conducted a national evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) for the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences and found that after the first year, two key...more

Creative Community Development Strategies for Local Municipalities
In an article published by Michigan State University Extension, restrained financial growth, especially in property tax revenue, will diminish the capacity of local suburbs to redevelop declining and...more

Vacant Lots On Chicago Blocks Cost A Dollar Each?
In an effort to eliminate neighborhood blight, Chicago is giving away vacant lots for just $1 each. There's a catch, however. To obtain one, you must already own a home on the same block. The...more

State Grants more than $200,000 Awarded to Three Housing and Service Programs
A total of $243,000 in state funds is being awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to three housing and service programs serving the Wyoming area. The grants will be used...more

People More Disturbed by Animal Rather than Human Suffering, But Not Children
A paper on "Are People More Disturbed by Animal or Human Suffering? Assessing the Influence of Victim's Species and Age on Empathy" shows people have more empathy for battered dogs and puppies...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Why People Buy from Social Enterprises?

Why People Buy from Social Enterprises?
The Guardian has compiled a list of responses to its latest open thread, and has announced...

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