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Obama Offers Job Creation to Squash Unemployment
President Barack Obama promises to build and attract new job offers without lifting the current deficit. Obama calls his new job creation project "North Star", which is geared towards the middle...more

Bipartisan Federal Budget: To Infuse Money Into Early Childhood Programs
The bipartisan federal budget being conferred lately on Capitol Hill is predicted to impart budget into early childhood programs in Connecticut and across the country. If the federal budget...more

Children Takes Trip to Greenfield to Practice Philanthropy
7 and 8-year old kids recently took a trip to Greenfield to visit the Hancock Hope House in an effort to earn their philanthropy badges and learn more about homelessness and what it...more

Study Proves Children Grasp Math More Quickly with Visual and Concrete Models
New research from Concordia University suggests that in order for students to understand math, teachers must make the connection between abstract numbers and real world examples. The research's...more

Port St. Lucie Politics Hamper Economic Development Job
A political turmoil at the city hall of Port St. Lucie has hampered the hiring of an economic development manager, thus delaying the accomplishment of several feats. Two of three promising...more

Volunteers Needed as Garden Ambassadors
The Papilion in Honor Heights Park is searching for grown-up individuals to become volunteer garden ambassadors. The volunteers will be working during normal hours of operation at the Papilion...more

Child Protective Services Kick Off in Rural Colorado
SafeCare, a program geared for child abuse prevention, intends to deliver child protective services for suspected abuse or neglect in rural Colorado. The program is funded by a budget approved by...more

African-American Medical Students Most Affected By High Debt Load
Researchers at Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University examined data from a sample of over 2% of the U.S. medical students enrolled at over a hundred accredited American medical...more

Obamacare: Making Health Coverage Available to Young Adults
Obamacare, or better known as the health care reform law Affordable Care Act (ACA), will make having health coverage a legal requirement. The ACA will offer new insurance options, health care...more

Venture Philanthropy for Life Science Funding
Venture philanthropy, where non-profits make investments in life sciences companies and high-tech business management, is deemed as an engine for life science funding. This venture philanthropy...more

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