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Homelessness Rises in Parkersburg
A brand new survey has recently shown that Parkersburg has almost twice as many homeless residents as it did one year ago. Westbrook engagement specialist Tim Baer says volunteers found more than...more

Disruptive Tensions of Open-Access Publishing with MOOCs
A new study in the SAGE Open journal finds that open access (OA) publishing has a more tempered impact on scholarship while the impact of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on teaching is more...more

Nonprofits Seek Experienced Workers to Be Volunteers
According to San Francisco-based nonprofit,, people in the age range of 44 to 70 are interested in jumping from private-sector careers to nonprofit work. Nonprofits most use volunteer...more

Maternal Exposure to Air Pollution Believed to be the Cause of Low Birth Weights Worldwide
A study conducted by Tracey J. Woodruff, PhD, MPH, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive sciences at UC San Francisco has recently reported that mothers who are exposed to...more

Physical and Sexual Abuse Rates in Children Decline, Rates of Child Neglect Remain Unknown
A new report from the Institute of Medicine finds that physical and sexual abuse rates of children have declined over the last two decades. However, the reason for the decline is not yet fully...more

Changes to Medicare Will Upset Health of Low- And Middle-Income Individuals and Families
In conjunction with Affordable Care Act's (ACA) third anniversary and the Advance Notice of Methodological Changes released by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a statement...more

Homeless Man Turned Text Entrepreneur
Mark Hurley, once homeless, picked himself up from his personal calamity and reinvented himself as a tech entrepreneur. Hurley managed a horticultural business when his business profits plummeted...more

Counting Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
Youth Count!, an interagency initiative that develops strategies for counting unaccompanied homeless youth, addresses unaccompanied youth as a "hidden problem". Policymakers focused on the issue...more

A Virtual Computer-based Platform May Be an Effective Learning Environment
A study that is currently published online in BMC Medical Education finds that a virtual computer environment is an effective learning environment. The project involved participants engaged in a...more

Low-Income Men Trapped At the Crossway of Race, Place and Poverty
An Urban Institute paper reports on the experiences and challenges of men at the margins between the ages of 18 and 44, and focuses on their experiences in five areas: education, employment, family,...more

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