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State-of-the-Art Econometric Model to Probe More into Colorado Issues
Three Colorado economic-development groups: Common Sense Policy Roundtable, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. and the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, are splitting the...more

Early Head Start and Migrant and Seasonal EHS-Child Care Partnership Grants
Sponsored by the Administration for Children and Families, the Early Head Start (EHS) and Migrant and Seasonal EHS-Child Care Partnership Grants is providing funds to expand or establish Early Head...more

Award-Winning Tax Attorney Inspires Youth of Germantown
Award-winning tax attorney and advocate, Nikki Johnson-Huston, hopes to affect policy change. She talks with Germantown youth of LOGAN Hope School at Tabor Children's Services to share her inspiring...more

Paralympic Games Maker and Alumna Named \
Emily Yates, 22, a Queen Mary University of London alumna, Paralympic Games Maker and face of a national volunteering campaign, has been honored as 'Young Social Entrepreneur' of the...more

Women in Longview Day Volunteer Inspires Other Women
Sandra Skoog, a Linden-resident and long-time volunteer, hopes to empower and help other women through the organization she volunteers for - Women in Longview Day. Women in Longview celebrates the...more

Kansas Moderate Income Housing Loan and Grant Program
The Kansas Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Program is providing loans and grants to cities or counties in rural areas of Kansas for infrastructure, rehabilitation or housing development. The funding...more

Volunteers Help Pack 2 Million Meals for Hungry Children
Volunteers from various organizations and agencies have come together to pack pack 2 million-plus meals to feed hungry children in El Salvador, Haiti and the Philippines. The 2 Million Meals...more

Report Finds Lack of Transparency in Economic Development
In a new study by Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN), there is lack of transparency across economic development agencies in the state. Executive director Matt Ryan notes that lack of program...more

Impact Entrepreneurship for Social Consciousness
Seattle-based freelance journalist Michelle Goodman addressed in an article that wanting to change the world is not a business plan, but social impact should be built into business models. The...more

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